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What We Offer

Julia Shooting Newborn2_300pxGrowing a business is not easy, especially one that is based around you the artist. It means having to expose your soul to the world and hope, pray and believe that your customers will “like” what you do—that they will like “you.” How scary!

But what if you could build a business in a systematic way that focuses around you as the artist and what you create, but  doesn’t let you get self-critical—that is built on a foundation of focus, organization, profitability and confident creativity?

It can be done. And it’s not that hard, as long as you have the knowledge and tools to do so.

Julia Painting With HeatherLearning permeates every part of our soul and we believe is one of the paramount reasons we are here on this earth—to foster our God give talents and grow them to places that make our hearts soar—to give back to those around us and infuse our gifts into others.  Jewel U by Julia Kelleher is here for this purpose. And if what we do can help elevate the art of photography then we have succeeded, and we will giggle with enthusiasm and joy every time we help a photographer get closer to her dream.


Julia Family_300px

Jewel U by Julia Kelleher is education run and developed by women—women who are mothers, wives and business owners ourselves. We thrive on busting stereotypes and building successful feminine brands that customers become evangelistic to. Creative, driven and passionate about success, but also devoted to our families—-our culture is happy, loving and enthusiastic about  learning , teaching and the business of design, art and photography.

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A Fine Art Business


It’s a learned skill! Anyone can learn, practice and develop a creative side. It takes self-exploration, a devotion to the “fun” of creating, and an awareness of the world around you—drawing inspiration from all you see.

Technical Ability

It’s a MUST for any photographic business to excel. They say it takes 10,000 hours to master a craft, and how true that is. With advanced technical skills, using your camera and “seeing” the light will be second nature to you, allowing you to focus on the creative, artistic side of what you do.

Business Sense

It’s 80% business and 20% art. Developing strategic systems in your business and taking control of the financial aspects of your life’s passion will give you the confidence to pursue your art as YOU see it. Learn how to manage your business, don’t let it manage you.

Marketing & Branding

How  your clients see and experience your business is critical to developing long term success. Grow your artistic style into a solid and undeniable brand that your clients become loyal evangelists to. Let it permeate into everything you do as a business and make every decision around its fundamental message.